Barica Blenkuš - Executive Coach

Executive Coach Barica Blenkuš, obtained a Masters in Organisational Change from Ashridge Business School UK, one of premier schools in the field of complex organizational leadership.

Barica Blenkuš - Executive Coach

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Executive Coach, Coaching, Business, Leadership
About Barica

Barica is an executive coach who works globally from her base in Slovenia. Her blend of practical leadership experience, intellectual rigour and creative understanding has enabled her to become an outstanding executive coach and confidential thinking partner, working with senior executives, business owners and top level teams for over twenty years.

She is excellently equipped to help them navigate the unpredictable waters of international business and understand their role in creating and sustaining both helpful and unhelpful working patterns.

Barica has more than twenty years of experience and has worked with many successful entrepreneurs and business owners. She has also worked with multinationals including Unilever, Generali, Novartis-Sandoz, Pfizer, Grunenthal Group, Medis and Atlantic Grupa.
Today, Barica works globally from her base in Slovenia, where she lives with her daughter, her partner and a Whippet called Una.

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Executive Coach, Coaching, Business, Leadership
Client Testimonials

Three words that describe Barica

Empathic, professional, kind

Coaching mostly helped me to understand where my main problems lie, as I did not feel quite at ease in certain situations but had trouble identifying my problems by myself. With her vast knowledge and her exceptional ability to identify with another person, Barica helped me find better ways of coping with certain situations. Positive effects quickly became apparent in practice, and I can say I have noticed changes both in my professional and my private sphere.

I would recommend coaching to anyone. I believe that, at one point or another, everyone finds themselves in a situation, be it a professional or a private one, when they ask themselves if their reactions are appropriate or if there is a better way of thinking that would lead to a better quality of life. I am certain that everyone has room for personal growth but perhaps lacks the necessary tools or knowledge for it. Coaching with Barica is definitely one of the best ways to achieve that.

Urška Stanovnik, HR Specialist

Atlantic grupa

Executive Coach, Coaching, Business, Leadership
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