Barica Blenkuš - Executive Coach

Executive Coach Barica Blenkuš, obtained a Masters in Organisational Change from Ashridge Business School UK, one of premier schools in the field of complex organizational leadership.

Barica Blenkuš - Executive Coach

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Clients about Barica

Barica Blenkuš - Executive Coach

Three words that describe Barica

Genuine, sharp, efficient

Coaching helped me become calm as a person and overcome my fear of success, both in my private and professional life.
I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to build on their success and who realize the importance of being successful without fear.

Slavko Očko, Executive Director

Mercator - MTehnika

Three words that describe Barica

Empathic, professional, kind

Coaching mostly helped me to understand where my main problems lie, as I did not feel quite at ease in certain situations but had trouble identifying my problems by myself. With her vast knowledge and her exceptional ability to identify with another person, Barica helped me find better ways of coping with certain situations. Positive effects quickly became apparent in practice, and I can say I have noticed changes both in my professional and my private sphere.

I would recommend coaching to anyone. I believe that, at one point or another, everyone finds themselves in a situation, be it a professional or a private one, when they ask themselves if their reactions are appropriate or if there is a better way of thinking that would lead to a better quality of life. I am certain that everyone has room for personal growth but perhaps lacks the necessary tools or knowledge for it. Coaching with Barica is definitely one of the best ways to achieve that.

Urška Stanovnik, HR Specialist

Atlantic grupa

Three words that describe Barica

Personable, positive, professional

Coaching helped me to identify my learned patterns, put them in the right place and overcome them! I can say that I feel the effect of coaching both privately and professionally even today. In critical situations I often remember our talks, I even look at my notes and check my responses.

I would recommend coaching to anyone dealing with difficult situations, whether at work or in their private life. For me, this experience exceeded all previous trainings, and there were many of them. Coaching offers so much more. It affects one’s core beliefs about life. I absolutely recommend it!

Katja Kotar, Head SCM TPO/IC

Lek - Sandoz

Three words that describe Barica

I would only use one word to describe her: Human with a capital H.

Only with Barica’s help was I able to recognize my abilities and talents. I became a better manager and improved my communication skills (I now know how to listen), both at work and at home.

Why Barica? In her presence, I felt relaxed and, I don’t know how, but she somehow managed to make me a better and happier person.

Petra Podkrižnik, Owner

Podkrižnik d.o.o.

Three words that describe Barica

Compassionate, but down to earth and impartial

With Barica’s help, I discovered the magical, yet so very simple world of knowing my wishes. Through conversation and, of course, a great deal of personal effort, everything that used to seem unmanageable and unreachable turned out to be quite manageable and reachable.

I am not trying to say that the path was an easy one. Even seemingly simple actions take courage. Nor do I claim that I now live in a dream world, with a clear picture and without any problems. However, I know better how to stop myself, identify the problem, think more clearly about it and assess what I can do to solve it.

Judging from my personal experience, I recommend coaching to those who:

  • Feel as though the whole world has turned against them,
  • Believe their way is always the best way, it is the people around them that fail to see that,
  • At least a little bit, believe that their actions can make a big difference to improving communication and relationships, both in their professional and private life.

Tina Cvar

Three words that describe Barica

Professional, focused, calming

Coaching helped me improve the organisation and perception of my work in a stress-reducing way.

I would recommend coaching to anyone who is swamped with work, who is really over-burdened, and this affects their quality of life, both psychologically and in terms of their available free time.

Brane Micič, Director - Category management and purchasing


Three words that describe Barica

Organised, consistent, motivational

Coaching with Barica helped me start thinking about myself and about my values, to write down my set goals and strive to achieve them. She helped me with prioritising, assertive communication, successful performance of my work assignments, mostly in terms of leadership. At the same time, I found the right balance between my private and professional life.

I would recommend coaching with Barica to people who find themselves in a whirlwind in their professional life, helping them to successfully find the right path to self-management.

Katja Škofic Krašovec, Sales manager


Three words that describe Barica

Honest, direct, disciplined

Coaching with Barica is something special, as the approach is so direct and requires complete dedication. Professionalism and the consequent trust in your coach enables an open, relaxed, direct and honest communication that is the basis to successfully overcome any communication-related challenge.

I would recommend coaching to anyone who wishes to improve their communicational skills and, above all, to understand the people they communicate with.

Karlo Turk, Head of technical department

Atlantic grupa

Three words that describe Barica

Professional, dependable, relaxed

Barica helped me see certain situations from a different perspective. She helped me understand that some changes require more time than one wishes.

I would recommend coaching to people who, when faced with various changes in their work, find themselves in situations when they ask themselves about the right steps to take. I find it very important for dealing with major organisational changes.

Production manager

FMCG Industry

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