Barica Blenkuš - Executive Coach

Executive Coach Barica Blenkuš, obtained a Masters in Organisational Change from Ashridge Business School UK, one of premier schools in the field of complex organizational leadership.

Barica Blenkuš - Executive Coach

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Executive Coach, Coaching, Business, Leadership
About me and you

Barica Blenkuš - Executive Coach

About me

I have grown and developed in a world of great difference and diversity. I was born and raised in a communist country before moving to Paris where I studied drama and went on to found and own a highly successful drama school (as well as becoming a prime-time sitcom star).

Building on this experience of marrying the creative and the business like, I went to the UK to train in leadership development, obtaining a Masters in Organisational Change from Ashridge Business School, one of the world’s premier schools in the field of complex organizational leadership and change.

My mission when working with individuals and teams is find a way to connect to people’s inherent creative energy and lessen the burdens of responsibility that come with taking on senior roles. I believe that it is possible to bring lightness (even playfulness!) into a business world that can crush itself with seriousness. I help my clients stay authentic and to lead and live successfully in an ever changing and often turbulent environment.

About you

You are successful yet sometimes feel overwhelmed by how much you must manage in your life.

You need support and a confidential thinking partner. Someone who can tune into your life and who won’t judge or leap in with naïve solutions. Someone who will listen and help you listen to yourself.

You may want to be an inspiring and effective leader.

You may have just taken over a new position and need to look again at how you have led in the past – and consider what you need to do a bit more or a bit less of.

You may want your organisation or team to implement a new strategy or structure so that it makes a real difference to performance.

You may simply want to be your best at work and your most content in your private life. And need someone who is independent of both to help you see the wood from the trees.

Sometimes you have the energy to deal with everything, other times your motivation just isn’t there.

Sometimes you find yourself getting stressed by things you usually deal with ease.

You might have come to a point where your life looks great to the outside world – but not to you. You feel something’s missing but can’t quite put your finger on it.

You may be finding that there is an imbalance to your life that used not to matter, but now you want to change.

You know you need to learn how to set some boundaries, put yourself first when it matters and be less concerned about the immediate well-being of others. You want to change but do not know exactly how to do it.

You are looking for a good coach who could help you find out what you really want and then help you grow into it.

And that is the time when we can meet and talk about you, your situation, your desires and your story. I would be delighted to meet up either face to face, or virtually, so we can see if we can do good work together.


Background to becoming
an executive coach

Barica Blenkuš Executive Coach

I was born in a beautiful country, which is nowadays described as “One of the most surprising and beautiful places on earth” (Rough Guides). Back then Slovenia was part of another country, communist Yugoslavia, governed by the all-pervading personality of President Tito. This experience of my youth has now been combined with educational ones that come from very different social perspectives, in both France and the UK.

I graduated from the Theatre-Ecole Catherine Brieux drama school in Paris and later trained in leadership development and interpersonal skills and communication with Ashridge Business School in the UK. Ashridge has become the professional focus for my development and on-going professional support.

I obtained a Masters in Organisational Change consulting from the same school, a Masters that has provided me with a rigorous philosophical and psychological bedrock to my work with people who are part of complex organisational settings. I am also a trained psychotherapist and I am currently attending the Ashridge post-graduate programme in advanced coaching and OD consulting supervision.

This varied professional background has gifted me with a sensitivity to the different assumptions of what people take to be ‘normal’ and ‘right’, especially when they are having to operate within a globalised world where difference and diversity of thought are a fact of life that needs to be worked with.

Executive Coach, Coaching, Business, Leadership
Client Testimonials

Three words that describe Barica

Organised, consistent, motivational

Coaching with Barica helped me start thinking about myself and about my values, to write down my set goals and strive to achieve them. She helped me with prioritising, assertive communication, successful performance of my work assignments, mostly in terms of leadership. At the same time, I found the right balance between my private and professional life.

I would recommend coaching with Barica to people who find themselves in a whirlwind in their professional life, helping them to successfully find the right path to self-management.

Katja Škofic Krašovec, Sales manager


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