Barica Blenkuš - Executive Coach

Executive Coach Barica Blenkuš, obtained a Masters in Organisational Change from Ashridge Business School UK, one of premier schools in the field of complex organizational leadership.

Barica Blenkuš - Executive Coach

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Executive Coach, Coaching, Business, Leadership
Bespoke Executive
& Team Coaching

Being at the top is not easy and it can be lonely. Your executive coach can be the confidential thinking partner who will help you see where you are, define where you want to go and help you overcome the obstacles that separate you from the life you desire.

Barica Blenkuš - Executive Coach
Barica Blenkuš - Executive Coach

My bespoke executive coaching is person centred and holistic. It is also very realistic, practical and deeply rooted in the realities of corporate leadership and entrepreneurship. I help each of my clients adequately face the ever evolving leadership & business challenges and have a fulfilling and satisfying private life. We will work together in inspiring locations and/or virtually, and when we both bring our passion to the coaching process, the results will be amazing.

My clients include
Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
CEOs & Board Members
Leaders & Managers at top levels
Leadership Teams
Individuals with a Deep Desire to Realize Their Dreams

Fees depend on a number of factors and we will discuss your investment in your development when we meet for our initial session. The initial session is free of charge and will help us determine if we are a good match. I only work with highly motivated clients who are prepared to make real changes for the better and are willing to commit to a 6-month or a 12-month coaching process.

Executive Coach, Coaching, Business, Leadership
Client Testimonials

Three words that describe Barica

Compassionate, but down to earth and impartial

With Barica’s help, I discovered the magical, yet so very simple world of knowing my wishes. Through conversation and, of course, a great deal of personal effort, everything that used to seem unmanageable and unreachable turned out to be quite manageable and reachable.

I am not trying to say that the path was an easy one. Even seemingly simple actions take courage. Nor do I claim that I now live in a dream world, with a clear picture and without any problems. However, I know better how to stop myself, identify the problem, think more clearly about it and assess what I can do to solve it.

Judging from my personal experience, I recommend coaching to those who:

  • Feel as though the whole world has turned against them,
  • Believe their way is always the best way, it is the people around them that fail to see that,
  • At least a little bit, believe that their actions can make a big difference to improving communication and relationships, both in their professional and private life.

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